Terms and Conditions

To offer a fair and safe environment for everyone, NetSource enforces the following terms.

NetSource reserves the right to terminate any customer who violates these terms and conditions without notice and without refund.

NetSource makes no attempt to filter or censor any content provided through this site by members or from the Internet. While NetSource may not agree with or condone some content available through the Internet, it is impossible for NetSource to control or monitor that content. Be advised that some people may be offended by certain available material.

NetSource takes measures to safeguard client information. NetSource will never divulge any client information, including the existence of an account, email addresses, userids, passwords, credit cards, or any other information except as authorized by the client or required by law.

Members agree not to attempt to gain unauthorized access or to attempt or do damage of any kind to the NetSource system or to private information of NetSource or other members.

Members agree to not use NetSource services for any unlawful purpose.

Members agree to keep their account passwords private and to not allow others to use their accounts except for business associates with a need to know.

Members agree to not send unsolicited or bulk email messages through the NetSource system for the purpose of selling or any other reason. Bulk email is any message delivered to more than 100 recipients. NetSource may suffer serious consequences from its customer's abuse of email or news groups (including fines from suppliers) so please act responsibility here. Your actions can dramatically affect NetSource's other customers. Therefore, due to the potentially serious nature of these acts, any member doing so may have their account terminated without notice.

While NetSource takes several measures to ensure data security such as tape backups, redundant systems, and secure systems, NetSource makes no guarantee of the availability of services or data except for access connections unless you have a specific service agreement with NetSource. This means, backup your critical data.

Limited Liability: The Internet is provided as-is, unless there are specific service level agreements provided by contracts with specific customers. It is the responsibility of the client to protect the data from loss or corruption. NetSource cannot assume responsibility for any loss of data, damaged files, late or loss of delivery of information, loss of business, or any other damages incurred by the customer resulting from inability to access the Internet, inability to access data stored on NetSource servers, incorrect information, copyright infringement of third parties, or other problems caused by loss of service or improper information transmitted over the Internet by the customer or third parties. In case of a claim or litigation, NetSource's liabilities are limited to the cost of service provided.

Members have the right to terminate their accounts at any time unless the account is under contract. All requests for terminations must be in writing or via a NetSource web cancellation form.

Current month charges are not refundable. Future month charges, already paid, will be refunded as long as special pricing options are not in force under implied or signed contract. Previous month charges are charged at the appropriate rate for a similar account type. For example, quarterly accounts terminated early are charged at the monthly rate. Overdue accounts are charged a $5 handling fee plus 1.5% interest for each month past due. Accounts more than 60 days overdue will be terminated and subject to a $25 reinstatement fee. Accounts sent to collections will be assessed a collection fee equal to 50% of their outstanding bill.

There may be services where abuse or neglect can cause costs to escalate. You are fully responsible for protecting your accounts to prevent events that could result in higher usage and therefore higher costs. You agree to pay the full amount of actual costs incurred regardless of cause.

Any corrections to bills must be requested within 30 days from the postmark on the billing statement. Otherwise, the billing is considered accurate and final.

NetSource does not disclose your account information to anyone under any circumstances except where required by law. NetSource does not sell or give out its customer lists, never has, and never will.

Any agreements for discounts or waived charges MUST be in writing.

NetSource reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without notice except as provided in specific service level agreements included in contracts.

Last updated: Sept. 10, 2009