The Challenge

The customer wanted a website that looked professional and assisted their clients and potential clients in finding the right tools for their projects. The site needed to display the product photos, share the specs on the products, share the applications for the products, and tell the clients where they could purchase the products.

It was very important the site have intuitive navigation for the clients and a natural flow of the information. Additionally, the site needed to be easy to maintain since they wanted to maintain the site themselves, many times after hours.

Finally, the customer also wanted the site to be search engine friendly. They wanted their products to show on the first pages of searches for their tools.

The products were not for just one industry, but many, so there was a big challenge to have one website address all the markets.

The customer had a design company they were working with to do the layout of the site. NetSource worked with the designers, making adjustments where necessary to make sure what was presented would work on the web and with the search engines. Once the layouts were approved, NetSource used the layouts to create the web pages and designed an admin tool for the products.

The Results

The site was a real success. It was designed professionally and strategically. The multiple markets were addressed from the home page without looking cluttered. Clients can easily find the tools they are interested in and call the right distributor making the visitor experience complete.

The administration tools allowed the products to be shown in the right sections and the related products to be found easily within one click was intuitive and easy to use for the administrator.

The search engines are showing most of their products on the first page of searches.

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Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • Custom Programming
  • Database Development
  • Web Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Hosting