The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

The Challenge

The Diocese of Chicago needed to retire an old site and create a new site that would be easier to maintain. Their old site was maintained by one individual and it would take a long time to see changes. They needed content management with the ability for anyone with authority to make a change and have the change go live real-time.

The challenge for this project was taking a very large site, breaking it into departments, determining who should have access to what and then putting in flexible systems to allow for change.

The navigation of the site needed to be easy for visitors to understand and follow. The design for the site needed to be something that would look fresh for many years.

The Result

The key to doing a good job for the Diocese of Chicago was to get to know the people who would be putting content on the site and understanding the flow of information internally and externally.

The design was kept simple to allow for a long life. The navigation took quite awhile to finish because there were so many people involved in the project with many differing needs.

The final result was a success allowing the key personnel to make changes real time. The site keeps growing and NetSource and the Diocese add new additions constantly. This is a true “living” site as everyday something has changed.

View Work - The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

View Work - The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

Services Provided

  • Graphic Design
  • Custom Programming
  • Database Development
  • Web Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Hosting